Comprehensive Experience Profile

 Executive Summary

Strategic, well-connected director with 22+ years’ strong leadership in organizational/program strategy, strategic transitions, change management, business development, marketing communications, collaborative regional/global partnerships, and fundraising. A results-oriented executive with a strong background in program and project management, having funded and managed over $2.7M in special projects and partner initiatives. Recognized for collaborative leadership style, proactive approach, and a keen ability to effectively translate complex operational concepts into tangible action plans. A proven leader with a strong yet relatable executive presence, capable of blending big-picture viewpoints with tactical considerations to inspire, build trust, and achieve record growth.

Career Highlights & Achievements Summary

With over 22 years experience in leadership & management through a variety of disciplines, these twenty highlights and achievements demonstrate a track record of success and value that I have added to the organizations that I’ve been able to serve. 

  • Serve the Burgh Initiative & Events

  • Project Manager for Multiple Major Facility Renovations and Builds

  • Launch of a Second Campus at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall

  • Multiple Promotions & Positions

  • Changing a Small Business Over to Electronic Records & Bookkeeping

  • Development of a Creative Arts Dept.

  • Development of an Outreach Dept.

  • Development of MarCom Strategies

  • Successful Capital Campaigns

  • Effective Event Management

  • Creation of the Riverside App

  • Strategic Transition of Weekly Culture

  • Cambodia Partnership

  • One Life Album Product Launch/Tour

  • Record Breaking Production of a local High School Musical

  • Introduction of Weekly Live Streaming

  • Multiple Technological and AVL Upgrades and Installations

  • Multiple Full Time Staff Hires

  • A Leading Public Speaker for the Org

  • Leveraging a Season of Personal Trial for Strategic Organizational Transition

    Detailed Career Highlights & Achievements

Serve the Burgh Initiative & Annual Events

  • My idea for Serve the Burgh began years prior to its launch in 2014 as a strategic initiative for driving attendance via reaching outside our four walls to the community in order interact with and serve the people that we were wanting to reach.

  • My role in Serve the Burgh was creator, director, and influencer from its inception through present. I’ve thoroughly developed the administration, project leaders, and promotional teams to carry out the successful annual event.

  • The majority of my investment has been into the structure, leadership, development, partnerships, and promotion of this initiative and annual event.

  • Serve the Burgh began with only our organization supplying 400 volunteers serving 11 communities through 32 projects (each with a project leader) and grew to 16 organizations supplying tangible resources as well as 980 volunteers serving 30 communities through 65 projects (each with a project leader).

Project Management for Multiple Major Facility Renovations

  • Facility renovations have been one of my strategic planning efforts at Riverside since early on, as our facilities help to define the culture of our organization and services.

  • As one of the key influencers for renovating our facilities coupled with design and construction knowledge/experience, it was only natural that I was assigned design, project management, and financial responsibilities to drive multiple building renovations for the 18 years that I’ve been a part of the team.

  • The most notable renovation took place in 2015 when our team renovated the main campus, a project that I was intricately involved in leading from concept to completion. As the Project Manager for this multiphase, million-dollar renovation, I worked closely with the architect, general contractor, AVL contractor, local borough and code inspectors, and our stakeholders (both staff and board), and successfully executed the standards of project management.

  • As a result, the newly renovated facility now housed a main meeting space that added nearly 100 additional seats, increased the stage size by 250%, greatly improved the safety of our attendees, provided clean and spacious restrooms on the main level, incorporated state-of-the-art audio-video-lighting technologies, provided a modern cafe/lounge meeting space, and improved the children’s area spaces by size, function, and aesthetic. This renovation succeeded also in transforming the culture of our weekly services and events as well as the safety and functionality of our spaces.

Launch of a Second Campus at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall

  • Our lead team spent years researching and attempting to purchase additional property for the purpose of a major facility buildout. After several years of attempts, we came to the conclusion that we could not afford or find the solution that we were looking for. At this time we changed our goal of building one large mega-facility to opening other campuses. In 2006 we opened our second campus at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.

  • My role in this process was initially a member of our search team. I worked closely with our architect and finance teams to propose suitable options. After changing direction to becoming a multi-site church, I was part of the initial launch team responsible for planning how we would utilize a rented theater space for the first few years of this new site.

  • I prepared a budget, procured the necessary equipment, hired a site leader onto our full-time staff, and trained volunteers to setup and teardown the equipment each week.

  • We launched in 2006 with about 50 attendees from our main site and quickly grew the new campus over the course of two years before moving into another larger space at the same mall. After several temporary moves we landed in our permanent facility in 2011 where the attendance now matches the attendance of our main campus.

Multiple Promotions & Position Development 

  • When I began employment at Riverside our organization was small in reach and in full time staff. Through the years as we grew, I increased the size of our arts and tech programs, started and grew global and regional outreach programs, and introduced an organizational marketing communications strategy.

  • I have had the unique opportunity within our leadership team to play the role of a utility player or generalist, due to my passion and skills for a variety of disciplines. Being a mid-sized organization our type, I often filled in the larger holes that we couldn’t staff with employees or volunteers.

  • There were several major moves in my job responsibilities that turned into promotions and role changes throughout the year, as recorded on my resume.

  • I’ve always believed in working myself out of a job by thoroughly training and structuring how programs would continue to grow as my role changed. There were also times when it made sense to cut programming in order to change the culture of the organization or introduce a more important role. I’ve reached my final stop in this organization and plans are underway for my transition from the staff into the next season of my career with the full support of my leadership.

Development of Arts, Outreach, and Marketing Communications Departments

  • I began structuring and growing the various facets of what our arts programming looked like in 2001 and added programs to eventually form a creative arts department in 2004. In 2006, two additional full-time staff were added to my department. In 2012, I created a new full-time position and hired a visual communication director replacing an employee who had resigned. In 2015, I assisted in the hire of my replacement as I transitioned from that role to my current role of Director of Communications and Outreach departments in 2017.

  • In 2006, I added global and regional outreach to my portfolio and grew those into multiple highly successful programs and initiatives over the following years.

  • In 2017, we moved marketing communications out of Creative Arts and merged it with the Outreach department in which I currently direct along with special projects and events. Over the past two years I have developed new MarCom strategies to grow the organization and continue revitalizing its culture.

Changing Business Over to Electronic Records & Bookkeeping

  • After having graduated from a local technical trade school and earning my Associates degree in business administration with a focus on management, I committed a gap year to working for my dad’s business, Longstreth Brothers, Inc., the largest commercial painting contractor in central Pennsylvania.

  • My role at LBI was that of office manager and bookkeeper. My job was to reorganize the business and change it over to electronic bookkeeping and record keeping in all areas including payroll, taxes, accounts payable/receivable, vendor and job tracking, contract management, and employee benefits.

  • During that one year project, I learned so much about entrepreneurship, business, and development that I have since utilized in various capacities in various roles both paid and unpaid.

Character & Chemistry

Professional and character references are provided near the conclusion of this presentation. In summary, I humbly submit that I have strived for, demonstrated, and lived a life of good character, high ethical standards, strong work ethic, and deep personal integrity. 

I have spent the last 18+ years of my career helping people to better themselves, inspiring students of life to reach their highest potential whether in their physical or intellectual life, relationships, and spiritual aspirations. I value and care about people, whether those that I serve, my co-workers, or leaders. One of the greatest pieces of advice that I’ve been is if we treat people like gold, then they will live up to it—in other words—constantly look for ways to add value to others.

Strategic & Creative Analysis/Planning Experience

Executive Strategic Planning

  • SWOT Analysis

    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

  • PESTEL Analysis

    • Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal

  • SMART Goals

    • Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

  • CLEAR Goals

    • Collaborative, Limited, Emotional, Appreciable, Refinable

  • Sandbox

    • Mission, Guiding Principles, Preferred Culture, Central Organizational Focus

  • Problems vs Tensions

    • Problems to be Solved

    • Tensions to be Managed

Project Management (PMBOK)

  • Initiation

  • Planning

    • Scope, Work Breakdown Schedule, Milestones, Gantt Chart, Risk Management, Communication Plan

  • Execution

    • Develop Team, Assign Resources, Execute PMPs, Procurement, Tracking, Tasks Executed, Update Project Schedule, Status Mtgs, Modifications

  • Performance & Monitoring

    • KPIs, Objectives, Deliverables, Quality Control, Effort/Cost Tracking, Performance, Adjust Schedules

  • Closure

Process Improvement (Six Sigma)

  • Define Problem

  • Measure Current Process

  • Analyze Cause of Issues

  • Improve Process

  • Control Outcomes

Creative Process

  • Collective Action Toolkit or CAT (FrogDesign)

  • 7 Rules of Brainstorming (IDEO)

  • Innovation Flowchart (Nesta)

Program Management Experience

  • Governance

  • Alignment

  • Assurance

  • Management

  • Integration

  • Finances

  • Infrastructure

  • Planning

  • Personnel

  • Improvement

Outreach & Growth Strategy Experience

  • Recruiting Leaders/Volunteers

  • Assimilation Leaders/Volunteers

  • Community Outreach Events

  • Outsiders-in // Insiders-out

  • Regional Partnerships

  • Community Relationships

Leadership and Team Development Experience

  • Creative Arts Dept. Staff

  • Serve the Burgh Project Leaders

  • Hope Team Program Leaders

  • Facilities Renovation Teams

  • Leadership Tools & Strategies

  • Staff Development & Coaching

  • Operations & Administration

  • Interoffice Communication

Major Events & Fundraising Experience

  • Major Events & Business Mtgs

  • Two Major Capital Campaigns

  • Donor Based & Sustained Giving

  • Grants & Corporate Sponsorships

Marketing Communications Experience

The following are marketing communications strategies that I have experience in demonstrating success in. 

Six MarCom Campaign Strategies

  • Branding

  • Logo

  • Positioning

  • Advertising

  • Blogging

  • Sponsorship

4 P’s (4 C’s)

  • Products (Customer Solutions)

  • Price (Customer Cost)

  • Place (Convenience)

  • Promotion (Communication)

Corporate Communication

  • Organizational Branding

  • Organizational Identification

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Corporate Reputation

  • Crisis Communication

  • Internal Communication

  • Investor/Donor Relations

  • PR & Media Relations

MarCom Tools & Channels

  • Types (1-1, 1-*, *-1, *-*)

  • Multiple Channels

  • Outside-In, Customer Focus

Goals & Key Performance Indicators

The following goals and KPIs are only preliminary based on my research and knowledge of the position and company and would change after learning more.

First 30 Days (Sponge)

  • Relationships

  • Company/Industry Culture

  • Direct Reports & Teams

Second 30 Days (Contributor)

  • Fill Skills Gaps on Teams

  • Regional Relationships

Third 30 Days (Leader)

  • Strategies & Plans

  • Goal Setting


  • Set KPIs at 90 Days?

PIESS (Personal Goals)

  • Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual

    Summary Closing

My background may be a little different from others in the field, which gives me a unique perspective which has allowed me to see solutions that are both creative and resourceful. I believe that my education in business and leadership including continuing personal development combined with my work experience in a multitude of different disciplines gives me an especially great advantage to being highly effective. I draw on both to solve everyday issues and special challenges. I believe I have exceptional strategic and creative leadership skills.